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There's nothing mysterious about a college search – it's a straightforward, common-sense project. Yet, it's not simple.

Each college is unique, with its own personality and its own mix of opportunities and experiences. So, the goal is not merely to find good colleges but to find those colleges truly right for you.

Every student is also unique. That's why most colleges care about more than grades and scores – and why it's important to present your best self effectively.

Dodge's approach is unique too – because he puts you, not colleges, at the heart of your search.

After an in-depth conference with you and your family, he'll provide a 'starter list' of colleges and a 'college to-do's' road map.

He'll share expert knowledge and feedback as you refine what you're looking for, learn about colleges, visit and interview, write applications and craft essays.

Throughout, he'll be at your elbow by phone and email, responding quickly to your needs, your concerns.

Always, you are the player. As your coach, Dodge helps you manage the flow, dig out what's important, make the best impression, choose brilliantly.

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